289.8, Advanced Fabrication Technologies
Ben Refuerzo, Professor
The course focuses on the act of “building/making” through contemporary design methodologies in order to create an imersively dense, yet simple sculpture that illuminates at the threshold of RUMBLE Exhibition 2014. It is intended to investigate the progressive ideas of ‘more with less’ as emerging technologies empower designers to digitally dissect, simulate, and ultimately fabricate impressive oddities from relatively simple materials. Moreover, the course aimed to go beyond a design/build studio — over the course of 10 weeks, the group of graduate researches explored the many other aspects that are necessary to see a project to fruition. Realizing that that they needed to become a “team” the studio dealt with real world problem solving involving techniques which included materials testing, design iteration as well as project management, code constraints, logistics etc. Throughout the quarter the studio brainstormed their ideas and consulted/collaborated with various experts in digital fabrication, materials and structures. Robert Pallmann from ARUP’s Los Angeles office served as one of the primary critics along with Marty Paul from UCLA, the studio also received input on their work from SoftLab (NYC) making this a truly “Renaissance Team” effort.
Finally, the group of researchers examined the idea of meta-existence of the project, embedding social media ‘bugs’ that converts the light-sculpture into a vessel of memories for visitors. We hope that it is enjoyed by all who attend RUMBLE!
Students: Sasha Geisler, Dema Hajmurad, Mehr Khanpour, Andresa Maia, Julie Mithun,Raman Mustafa, Peter Nguyen, Ji Qu, Peter Stavros.