Hodgetts, Myers, Refuerzo_415 Design Studio


Course: 415 Comprehensive Design Studio

Craig Hodgetts, Professor 
Barton Myers, Professor
Ben Refuerzo, Professor
The objective of this design studio is to gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the various aspects that make up a realized work of architecture. The building typology for this investigation and integration is a single-family house, which was selected for its scale and commonality. 
This course is built on the cumulative development of architectural knowledge, and encompasses the various and adjacent disciplines that make up a real architectural project. From code and zoning interpretations, the design possibilities of steel, its implications along with issues of sustainability, building envelop, iconography, and so on. At the close of each phase, the students will begin to accumulate insight into the various aspects of architecture, and gain a better understanding of what is necessary to see their ideas become a reality. The students are to combine all of these elements in to a set of preliminary construction into documents. It is understood that while we treat this process in a linear fashion, it is stressed that design and the act of making is in fact a dynamic process with each of phase of design and methodology overlapping one another. This course will use the systematically acquired knowledge to arrive at a comprehensive buildable solution.
Students: Yohannes Abebe, Kaveh Arbab, Brian​ Barnes, Brittany Boyd, Jonathan Burton, Jae Hoon Chung, Matthew Corbitt, Michael Dziubek, Tom Fong, Ryan Hong, Erin Horahan, James Janke, Yuna Kubota, Danae Ledgerwood, Yun Sung Lee, Celene Lehrer, Chloe Lob, Arutyun Nazaryan, Chinh Nguyen, Sheena Olimpo, Daniel Oprea, Andrew Raffel, Lauren Rath, Mitchell Rocheleau, Ivan Rodriguez, Adam Rude, Marie Trabold, David Vuong, and Ho Man Yeung (Legg).