Heather Roberge_Research Studio


Course: 403C.3 Research Studio SHEET LOGICS

Heather Roberge, Assistant Professor 
This studio speculates on the role that sheet logics can play in altering the organizational, spatial, and aesthetic character of transit oriented develop¬ment in Downtown Los Angeles. Sheet logics are a shared set of design principles by which topology and mate¬rial behavior are used to transform the surfaces of the architectural model. We believe that innovative architectural models demand innovation at other scales of design from the urban to the detail. Our projects attempt to make this case. Rather than rely on solid logics to give order to master planning and building design, sheets are used to rein¬vigorate the character and atmosphere of spaces between buildings within the master plan. In our studio, this work plays out first as master plan proposals for mixed-use development. Second, and most importantly, the master plans are developed as architectural propos¬als that emphasize the resulting urban spaces between building volumes. It is in spaces such as alleys, urban canyons, and courtyards, that sheets are deployed to alter urban experience spatially, formally, and aesthetically. The master plans of each team distribute four million square feet of mixed-use development on twenty eight acres adjacent to Union Station.
Students: Wael Batal, Paul Georgeadis, Andrew Kim, Kayeon Lee, Devon Montminy, Morwarid Nabi, Yuichi Tada, Susan Woodmansee, Adrian Yim, Stephanie Yu, and Lillian Zeinalzadegan.