Guvenc Ozel_Advanced Topics Studio

AI: Architectural Intelligence (or how to become a building) 
exploring space as an interactive medium
The course is a collaborative effort between A.UD and UCLA Design Media Arts, aiming to explore the hybrid boundaries between architecture, media arts, and technology. It is an experimental advanced design studio that aspires to contextualize contemporary debates regarding computation, robotics, interactivity and artificial intelligence as spatial paradigms.
The main objective of the course is to challenge the boundaries of the human body and the physical environment through an exploration of architecture as an interactive technology. The historic evolution of technology reveals an aspiration to place mind into matter in order to create tools that are subservient yet autonomous from humans. Architecture as a form of technology does not exist outside of this cultural aspiration. Our scientific exploration of nature through physics, mathematics and material sciences lead to the formation of intelligent abstract systems in the realm of simulation and computation. These scientific paradigms have had a tremendous Influence on contemporary design methodology, theory and critique. Current experiments in sensing technology expresses this desire to transform architecture into an intelligent form of technology that can autonomously negotiate between the human body, human psyche, the environment and other parameters.