143 Technology III:
Georgina Huljich, Adjunct Assistant Professor
As part of the Digital Technology sequence for the undergraduate program at UCLA this course will provide the knowledge and skills to develop proficiency in various modes of architectural communication.
Generally, it will look at how software environments impact on design production by exploring the generative possibilities and interaction between two-dimensional and three-dimensional virtual and material systems offered by advanced digital environments.
With that aim, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of three dimensional modeling and associated computer-aided design for the production of digital models and drawings, and their subsequent material translation through several digital fabrication techniques, explored as abstract architectural constructions.
The work of the class as a whole will critically participate on the current debate about the state of technology for the production of architecture and will question the ideological and formal implications of various digital representation modes. This will be supported by a series of lectures given by invited guests who will present their design and fabrication methodologies and will open up the discussion on contemporary processes.
One of the ultimate aspirations of this seminar is to become a dynamic testing ground for the emergence of new ideas and techniques that could be actively brought and actualized into the design studio projects.
Arditha Auriyane, Isabel Branas Jarque, Ives Brown, Yani Cui, Melodie Deny, Angelique Firmalino, Malcolm Galang, Jenjira Holmes, Madeline Jones, Yessenia Juarez, Ho In Kuong, Vivian Li, Vivian Lee, Stephanie Loo, Steve Martinez, Zhi Pei,Diandra Rendradjaja, Casey Ringenberg, Ian Rodgers, Roojiar Sadeghilalabadi, Lena Sato, Naomi Steinhagen, Danielle Swenson, Shelby Tupac, You Wu.