Designed by Jason Payne, Associate Professor, UCLA A.UD
cityLAB's Ambient Informatics project is a transdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Architecture + Urban Design and the UCLA Center for Research in Engineering, Media, and Performance (REMAP) with support from the UCLA Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research explores the potential for subtle, unconventional methods of transmitting transit information to impact the city experience, the sidewalk experience, and the wait-time experience. This ambition is achieved through the design, fabrication, and installation of an illuminated bench at the Weyburn Terrace Bruin Bus stop on Weyburn Avenue in Westwood Village next to the main UCLA campus
Playfully named “Ida and Dactyl” for its resemblance to the asteroid and its moon, the sidewalk installation employs a beacon system within the core (Dactyl) of the bench (Ida) using TCP/IP controlled, solid-state, energy efficient LED lighting that can be seen from a distance. Drawing on real-time data on Bruin Bus positions, the bench glows, growing brighter and changes color to communicate information about bus arrival and create new atmospheres along the sidewalk.