cityLAB on Buzzfeed


In a new community article from Buzzfeed that highlights the "11 Ways UCLA Takes The Lead In Tackling The Challenges Of Tomorrow,"  cityLAB, an urban research center based at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, has been recognized not once but twice.

First for their efforts in designing cities, and second for their work rethinking affordable housing. Congrats to Professor Dana Cuff, Adjunct Professor Roger Sherman, Assistant Adjunct Professor Kevin Daly, and the whole team at cityLAB! 

"Southern California's modern cities will soon be the cities of the future thanks to projects like cityLAB at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design. Participants in cityLAB think deeply about how to make urban development more sustainable and responsibly usher in civic-infrastructure projects like a high-speed railway."

"The Backyard BIHOME is cityLAB's response to the challenge of providing affordable housing in urban centers, like greater Los Angeles. The BIHOME is lightweight and much easier to construct than traditional housing units, making it a low-cost solution to housing demand."

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