Chancellor Gene Block


Hitoshi Abe and Chancellor Gene Block in Yuriage Elementary School’s gymnasium, look at photographs that were salvaged from disaster areas by volunteers. 

In mid December 2011, Chair Hitoshi Abe, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and his wife Carol Block visited Japan to explore collaborative research opportunities with Tohoku University in Abe’s hometown of Sendai where his family has lived for eight generations. Hitoshi Abe, Chancellor Gene Block, Carol Block and Yoh Kawano lecturer UCLA School of Public Policy toured the disaster zones around Sendai. Their bus tour of the region affected by the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami is documented through photos and GPS by Yoh Kawano .  Please click here to start the tour. 
One of the many boats seen as far as a mile inland from the coast
A make shift shrine on top of Hiyoriyama Fuji in Sendai. The area in the background was largely inundated and destroyed by the tsunami, but shows the remarkable recovered and clean up efforts.
From left to right:  Junichi Hirata, Head, International Exchange Division, Tohoku University; Yoh Kawano, Lecturer, School of Public Affairs, UCLA; Takafumi Aoki, Special Advisor to the President, Office of the President, Tohoku University; Sadayoshi Ito, Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University; Hitoshi Abe, Chair, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA; Carol Block, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block’s wife;  Gene Block, UCLA Chancellor; Akihisa Inoue, President, Tohoku University; Toshio Iijima, Executive Vice President (Research and Environmental Security), Tohoku University; Hiroshi Kazui   - Executive Vice President(Industry-University Collaboration), Tohoku University;  Akira Mano, Professor, Disaster Control Research Center, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University; Toshiharu Ookawa, Senior Management Planning Officer, Office of the President, Tohoku University