September 23 – October 26, 2016

The SUPRASTUDIO Summer Session exhibition features twelve projects from the incoming 2016-17 M.Arch.II students. The Technology Seminar - ROBOTIC CARTOGRAPHY and the Studio - BIO DYNAMIC ISLAND, led by Julia Koerner, investigate emergent technologies including 3D scanning, robotic video capturing and digital analysis of natural artifacts on micro and macro scales. Both literal and phenomenal investigations into natural systems and structures are part of the linked inductive courses. An exploration into various design media including bio-mimicry research and generative design morphology are included in the exhibition in the form of additive manufactured morphologies and CNC-fabricated scaled-up topologies. Animations, videos and VR simulations showcase ideas for architectural and urban applications for a small-scale pavilion to a large-scale urban design of an artificial Island in China - Hainan Island. Students propose the possibility of an absolute self-sustainable urbanism that can balance and integrate the aims of culture, nature and business to re-claim the importance of intelligent ecology as the advancement of 21st century urbanism.


UCLA A.UD’s 2016-17 M.Arch.II program, SUPRASTUDIO will be led by Craig Hodgetts, Mark Mack, Thom Mayne, and Guvenc Ozel.
Instructors for Summer Studio include: Benjamin Ennemoser, Julia Koerner, Steve Lee, Marta Nowak, Peter Vikar, and Eui- Sung Yi.


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