Award for Innovative Research, Elena Manferdini


Alumni Elena Manferdini (M.Arch. I '00) is the recipient of this years Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) Award for Innovative Research. This year’s awardees were honored on October 24-26 2013 as part of the ACADIA 2013 ADAPTIVE ARCHITECTURE International Conference  at the University of Waterloo in cooperation with the University at Buffalo, SUNY and the University of Nottingham.

Inaugurated in 1998, the ACADIA Award of Excellence represents recognition, by colleagues worldwide, of consistent contributions and impact upon the field of architectural computing. The ACADIA Award of Excellence categories include: Digital Practice that recognizes creative design work that advances the discipline of architecture through development and use of digital media; Innovative Research that recognizes innovative research that contributes to the field of digital design in architecture; Innovative Academic Program that recognizes an innovative academic program that contributes to the education of students in the field of digital design; Teaching Excellence that recognizes innovative teaching in the field of digital architecture; and the Society Award that recognizes extraordinary contributions and service to the ACADIA community.

Innovative Research - Elena Manferdini, Atelier Manferdini
Atelier Manferdini is an interdisciplinary design firm that has been long advocate of design excellence that blurs the boundaries between imaginative architecture and product design. Her creative research work that uses the potentialities offered by digital tools and media to innovate the design approach in different fields and at different scales of complexities; for her ability in sharing the results of her researches in the international debate about the innovative use of digital approach in design; - for her ability in turning the results of her researches in real practice and reinforce the consistency of her work both in the theoretical field and in the empirical one.