Andy Ku, A.UD 220 Seminar


Meiissa Sandoval Sonaata, instructor: Andy Ku, Course: 220 Seminar

The A.UD 220 Fall 2012 seminar held a one-day exhibition of coursework Drawing In / Drawing Out on December 5th in the double-height space in Perloff Hall. Through the endeavor of drawing, this seminar explores the power of skillful observation and translation. Situated in a scalar environment construct, the course begins by analyzing automotive lights and emerges to the making of a particular visual terrain. This research speculates on the relationship between object and space, promoting the act of drawing as both product and process.
Collection of publication-ready outputs: 66 prints
Full size drawings at 24”x36” & 36”x48”
Blue Violet Field, by Max Irish
Elantra Light Field, by Julie Ehrlich