Alumni Christoph Korner


Graft -Distinct Ambiguity
Opening November 23, 2011at the Haus am Waldsee in Berlin, Germany 

The emerging team led by Christoph Korner (M.Arch. II '99) with offices in Berlin, Los Angeles and Beijing creates architectural hybrids which take up current cultures of taste and debates on method and reflect on political as well as aesthetic issues. What appears to be contradictory is reassembled in new and surprising ways. GRAFT are particularly receptive to future realities, in fact more so than most comparable architectural firms operating today. 
GRAFT see themselves as a global think tank for design strategies as well as a laboratory for the cultivation of future cultures. They make use of unusually open design practices, distilling inspiration from all spheres of life.
The exhibition entitled “Distinct Ambiguity” displays the entire spectrum of association on which the GRAFT-worlds are based. How does beauty come into being? How come they love a good story? How do you know style is the opposite of curiosity? How do you invent test strategies of forgetting? How does the ambiguously interesting enter the world? The architectural idiom of GRAFT resembles a clever mongrel rather than a sophisticated, fancy breed. Their design process is uncluttered, largely freed of fashionable repetition. GRAFT develops “genetic bastards” in an attempt to break through the barriers of ideology and dogmatism. Katja Blomberg will edit an elaborate artist‘s book to accompany the exhibition. It will include texts by GRAFT in English (together with a German translation) and will be published with Gestalten Verlag, Berlin.
Find out more about the exhibiton at Haus am Waldsee in Berlin, Germany