Alumni Adam Fure


This Seminar explored possibilities associated with sophisticated architectural concepts.

Alumni Adam Fure (M.Arch. I '06) is a guest instructor for the University of Kentucky the Translations Seminar
Translations is a series of lectures and workshops curated by University of Kentucky College of Design Assistant Professor of Architecture Kyle Miller. These events are organized around the concept of employing multiple modes of making, a diverse set of design techniques, and mixed media (digital and analog) within the architectural design process. Multiplication and hybridity of making ensures a cyclical design process in which concepts are translated from state to state, opening the possibility for interpretation, intuition, and innovation to occur within the process of actualizing virtual architectural design in material form. Omni-directional seams are inserted into the process of making that stitch concepts, techniques, materials, and media together. This series of events will reflect on the possibilities associated with producing sophisticated architectural concepts and potent physical, architectural design proposals through carefully considered blending of analog techniques of drawing and physical making with complex digital design software, parametric design, and relevant digital fabrication resources. Materiality, pattern making, architectural form, and digital craft will be featured as primary points of departure, insertion, and output within each event. 
More information on the Translation Seminar can be viewed here.  
Blending digital and analog techniques of drawing and physical making.
Exploring multiple modes of making, design techniques, mixed-media, within the context of the architectural design process.