A.UD Lecture Series 2014-15: Sou Fujimoto


Sou Fujimoto, based in Tokyo is known for his “future primitive” structures that harmonize nature and built environments, creating new visions for interior environments. Fujimoto is the 2014 recipient of the WSJ Magazine Innovator Award for Architecture. 

During its 50-year history, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design has been an innovator in identifying what architects are taught. From the invention of 3D computer programs; to the integration of sustainability in a design curriculum; to the incorporation of large scale CNC robotics for the first time in a school of architecture in the world; the Department has critically defined the topics, curriculum, and knowledge necessary to keep its graduates relevant in a changing world. Because the profession needs to address significant changes to the way people live and work, in the fall of 2014, UCLA’s Department of Architecture and Urban Design shifts its focus towards rethinking the department building itself. Rethinking the studio, review space, resource rooms, event spaces, and other activities will be the subject of a year-long programming study that includes the entire school and curriculum including the lecture series, public events, as well as in-house symposia and working meetings.

Perloff Hall is located on the UCLA Campus.

Perloff Hall, M-F, 9am – 5pm

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