3M futureLAB


3M futureLAB with UCLA is led by Peter Ebner.  In its third year, UCLA's futureLAB with Peter Ebner has partnered with 3M to provide 3rd- year M.Arch. I students with the opportunity to study in Munich, Germany for the fall quarter. This year's topic is Rethinking Mies. Between studio meetings with Professors Ebner and Alexander Müller, students enjoy lectures from luminaries in architecture and associated disciplines, including Stefan Behnisch, Francis Soler, Sauerbruch & Hutton, Jakob & Mac Farlane, Kazuhiro Kojima, Philip Beesley, Hirsuta –  Jason Payne, Heatherwick Studio – Ole Smith, Henning Larsen – Louis Becker, amid.cero9, Akihisa Hirata, FOA's Farshid Moussavi. Additionally students have the opportunity to investigate the architecture and design industries of German cities like Berlin and Stuttgart, and travel further afield to attend the Biennale in Venice, Italy.

3M futureLAB 2 on I Day Lecture Series Poster 2011

3M futureLAB Symposium Poster 2011