2018 AIA|LA Residential Architecture Awards


Congratulations to our Alumni and Faculty who received 2018 AIA|LA Residential Architecture Awards for their spectacular work. 

Alumni Robert Hale (M.Arch.II, 1981) won Single-Family Residential Citation Award of AIALA2018 Residential Architecture Awards! Project: Venice House, Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Venice House (Venice, CA) 

Jury comments: Venice is seeing so many long, skinny lots that are being developed in virtually the same box-y fashion. This house breaks that fashion—it becomes a series of volumes and at the same time preserves the outdoor space to the side of the house, with a pool | The angled and faceted planning moves resolve themselves really well three-dimensionally, so the house, in the end, is very elegant where it could have been quite messy. | We loved the slotted screens. The way the screening elements are woven throughout the entire (not just through the exterior but also the inside, and through the landscaping in the form of paving) is really nicely handled. | A beautiful, light-filled house.

Alumni Fred Fisher (M.Arch.I 1976) won Multifamily residential Citation Award of AIALA 2018 Residential Architecture Awards! Project: Otis College of Art and Design Campus Expansion (Los Angeles, CA ), EHRILICH | FISHER

Ehrlich | Fisher
Otis College of Art and Design Campus Expansion (Los Angeles, CA)

Jury comments: This project creates almost an abstract college quadrangle, using very simple and very elegant forms. | For student housing, it’s one of the better examples that we will be seeing. | We love the use of color here, and the very ample outdoor space. The interiors also look like they are full of light thanks to those big tall windows. | All of the spaces in this project are spaces that we would love to be if we were students—whether they are the work spaces for the fashion students, or the lounges, or the eating areas. | Great relationship to the outdoors, and the treatment of color both on the exterior and the interior are very skillful and well done.

Adjunct Associate Professor Kevin Daly won Multifamily Residential Citation Award of AIALA 2018 Residential Architecture Awards! Project UCSB San Joaquin Housing (Santa Barbara, CA).

Kevin Daly Architects
UCSB San Joaquin Housing (Santa Barbara, CA)

Jury comments: This project expresses spatially what the needs of students are: certainly recreationally and socially. | We were very taken by the placement of the laundromat in a very prominent space, which is obviously is very important for student socialization. That optimizes the objective of this particular project. | There is ample outdoor space. | One of the most successful things about this project is the juxtaposition of different materials and different volumes that are all actually intimately scaled to the size of the individuals using them—so that one doesn’t really feel like they are on a huge, alienating campus. This campus is very large but actually, feels part of a smaller and more intimate community, both inside and outside spaces speak to this.

Alumni Apurva Pande (M.Arch.II ‘2001) won Adaptive Reuse | Renovation | Historic Preservation Merit Award of AIALA 2018 Residential Architecture Awards! Project: Writer’s Block (Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles, CA) 

Writer's Block (Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles, CA)

Jury comments: The jury likes this project for the way it created a sculptural piece in the middle that performs many different functions, and which also works to both zone the entire loft into different areas and extends the dynamism with the use of carpet squares on the floor and paint running up the walls. It allows the space to read as very dynamic, and yet one space. | The space seems to pivot around a central structure which we all appreciate: a very effective use of funds to create not just a livable, but also a work space which will create any number of writing non-blocks.

About the Residential Architecture Awards

Southern California has always been a dynamic global incubator for dazzling residential architecture. The AIA|LA Residential Architecture Awards (RAA) were founded, in part, to highlight the area’s contemporary contributions to the typology. Celebrating a multiplicity of approaches, the RAAs recognize both simply beautiful design and projects that offer the innovative or edgy as they address new urban and environmental conditions. Submissions were encouraged in the full gamut of scales from single-family residences of under 2,500 square feet to multi-family residential of more than 50 units.