Tuition and Financial Support

Opportunities for Awards and Fellowships


Breakdown of Tuition and Estimated Living Expenses

Below is an estimate of the total cost to attend our programs. Tuition breakdowns for the M.Arch I, M.Arch.II, MA, Ph.D. and undergraduate programs can be found at the links provided below. Fees are subject to change without notice. For the most updated information on tuition and fees, please visit the fee section of the Registrar’s Office’s website.

The tuition, fees, and charges posted to the student billing statement are estimates based on existing amounts. These figures may not be final. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by state funding reductions. Accordingly, final approved tuition and fee levels (and thus a student’s final balance due) may differ from the amounts shown.

2018-19 Tuition/Fees

M.Arch.I / M.U.R.P.

California Resident


Non Resident



Same fee for all students


**UC SHIP (Health Insurance)


***User Fee


Documentation Fee (New Students Only)


F-1 visa fee (International Students Only)



California Resident


Non Resident



California Resident


Non Residents



California Resident


Non Resident


*The M.Arch.II tuition may increase 5% for the 2018-19 academic year.  All fees are subject to change without notice. This fee excludes health insurance, books and other costs of attendance.

**All UCLA graduate students are required to have UC Student Health Insurance Plan. For more information or to waive UC SHIP, visit the Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center website: http://www.studenthealth.ucla.edu/CustPages/insurance.aspx

***All UCLA graduate students are required to pay the User Fee which gives them access to the Author Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center and the UCLA Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS).

Please visit the UCLA Financial Aid Office website for more information on estimated costs of living and other expenses. 

California Residency

As indicated in the schedule above, students who are not legal residents of California (out-of-state and international students) pay a nonresident tuition fee each term. For further information regarding California Residency, please click here.

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Financial Support 

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design offers students a number of financial opportunities in the form of scholarships, need-based awards, teaching assistantships, readerships, graduate student research awards, and work-study opportunities. Awardees strengthen their résumés and curriculum vitae with these awards for future employment prospects. An overview of the sources of UCLA support is provided in the UCLA Application for Graduate Admissions, along with a fellowship application, which should be completed by all applicants who wish to be considered for the Graduate Division fellowships.

The Financial Aid Office at UCLA administers financial support based solely on need. Awards include long-term low-interest loans and work-study funds, and are available only for graduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. These students may also apply for Federal Stafford Student Loans through the Financial Aid Office, which are long-term loans made by private lending organizations.

To be considered for extramural funding, apply directly to the funding organization. Most college libraries or financial support offices keep listings of available grants or fellowships. The UCLA Graduate Student Support office maintains extensive notebooks of the many types of extramural awards available. Among these, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and other architecture associations make awards annually.

Recruitment Fellowships

Recruitment packages are offered to the most outstanding students. All applicants to AUD graduate programs are considered for recruitment packages at the time their application is being reviewed. No additional applications are necessary to be considered for these awards. M.Arch.I fellowship packages generally cover one to three years of in-state tuition fees including the professional degree supplemental tuition. Based on the current fee structure, the dollar value for each package is about $26,000 for each year of funding offered. M.Arch.II fellowships vary and range from $5,000-$20,000. Ph.D. applicants are usually offered packages in the form of two-year Teaching Assistantships.

Continuing Student Awards

Second-and third-year M.Arch.I students are eligible to apply for Continuing Student Awards based on need. Award amounts range from $1,000-$5,000. 

Teaching Assistantships and Readerships

Second- and third-year M.Arch.I students may apply in the Spring term to be considered for teaching assistantship and readership positions for the following academic year. These positions pay in-state fees and a salary for the awarded quarter. In 2017-2018 M.Arch.I students were awarded 11 T.A.ships and 10 readerships.

Entering Ph.D. students may be offered T.A.ships as part of their recruitment packages, and may also be considered for TAships by applying during their subsequent years of attendance. M.A./Ph.D. students were awarded 34 T.A.ships for the 2017-18 academic year.


There are two types of work-study programs, the Federal Work-Study program (awards up to $2,000/year), and the Graduate Work-Study program (awards between $5,000-$15,000/year). Students who are eligible to receive federal loans may petition to be considered for one or the other program. We offer several federal work-study positions at AUD. These positions include photographer, graphic designer, audio/visual assistant, shop assistant, exhibitions installer, and assisting with the print lab operations. The Graduate Work-Study Program is for “need-based eligible” graduate students completing part-time paid internships, community service, research projects, or other endeavors closely related to their academic degree program. Students must submit additional paperwork to be considered for the Graduate Work-Study Program.

Graduate Student Researcher appointments are available depending on extramural or Academic Senate grants secured each year by individual faculty members. Interested students should contact the departmental office for information about available positions. Readerships are available depending on funding received.

Named Fellowships

Named Fellowships are available annually to students through the generosity of private individuals, firms, or foundations. In the spring quarter, all continuing students compete in the Awards Day competition for these merit-based scholarships. M.Arch.I students submit design work, while M.A./Ph.D. students submit original written work. A faculty committee reviews student work anonymously for as many as twenty named awards ranging in value from $1,000-$15,000. Some examples are:

Anne Greenwald Memorial Travel Fund
Carlin Glucksman Endowed Fellowship in Architecture
Clifton Webb Scholarship for the Arts
CO Architects
Dean’s Fellowship
Edgardo Contini Fellowship
Edna and Yu-Shan Han Fellowship
Elaine Krown Klein Fine Arts Scholarship
Fine Arts Council Fellowships
Franklin D. Israel Memorial Fellowship
Harvey S. Perloff Fellowship
James Pettit Memorial Fellowship
Jeffrey “Skip” Hintz Memorial Fellowship
Robert Webster Scholarship
SNW Development Scholarship
UCLA Affiliates Fellowships
Welton Becket Scholarship
Wendell Scholarship
Western States Terrazzo Association Scholarship