Hi-C is a program in experimental curatorial and theoretical practices directed by Sylvia Lavin.  Students research and conceptualize exhibition content as well as design and execute exhibition installation. Hi-C frames academic work in such a way as to engage a broader public.  Previous venues for Hi-C have included Ace Gallery and the Canadian Center for Architecture.  Following a mock-up that will be shown at Rumble, this year’s exhibition, Ultra Expo, will take place at JANM, adjacent to MOCA in downtown LA, and will be a primary component of Little Tokyo Design week, a multi-institutional event that will include artists, designers, architects and other contemporary Japanese cultural protagonists.

Hi-C 2011 focuses on the Osaka Exposition of 1970, the first world exposition to be held in Japan. One of the best attended in history, the Expo did not so much expose Japanese culture to the rest of the world as stage a veritable implosion of East and West, high art and popular culture as well as new technology and traditional ways of life. Added to this heady mix was a spirit of research and development supported by international corporations, the leisure time and aesthetic sensibilities of a developing youth culture, moon rocks, time capsules and rock and roll bands. As did the 1970 event, Ultra Expo will seek to go beyond conventional exhibition formats to create an unorthodox way of displaying historic material emphasizing its contemporary currency rather than nostalgic exactitude. Of particular emphasis in the exhibition installation will be the use of film, video, and photography to produce anew the no longer extant atmospheres of this once exemplary architecture of the future.


Sylvia Lavin