The Artless Drawing: Neil Denari, 1982-1996

Ace Gallery presents the second exhibition in partnership with UCLA Architecture and Urban Desing exploring the drawings of Neil Denari - a leading figure in design innovation -curated by Syvia Lavin with Hi-C, a collaborative group of doctoral and design students focusing on scholarly research and critical approaches to contemporary design, is currently specializing in extending semiar topics into public exhibitions. 

The Artless Drawing focuses on the graphic work of Neil Denari produced between1982 and 1996, just before digital became ubiquitous. Although painstakingly made by hand, the perfectly rendered drawings appear to have been generated by a machine rather than by an architect seeking artistic expression. The exhibition showcases the extraordinary range of manual techniques Denari used to create what is now his signature stlye and reveals the he mad these drawings less in the manner of an artist or draughtsman than in that of a human computer.



Sylvia Lavin