The current image of sustainable design relies on nature as the primary element in the codification of its intentions.  Because of this, the current discourse on sustainability overlooks the fact that the most sustainable cities have active cultural agendas that, quite frankly, include the culture of consumption. The Geo-Graphics studio has cut across this dividing line to support consumption at the level of economic vitality and at the level of cultural necessity, yet we have aspired to reject overconsumption at the level of energy use.

Through the use of upgradable technologies such as thin film solar PV’s and aeroponic farming, the studio has endeavored to merge or even submerge energy production into advanced media and advertising systems within a hyper dense redesign of Westwood Village. Seen as an underproductive (actually underconsuming) territory, the site mixes student housing and UCLA related program with extensive shopping networks among other programs. 

Geography + Geometry x Graphics  = The Geo-Graphic City / G3


Neil Denari