The Techcore Design Studio is intended to unite the focused material and fabrication aspects of the technology Seminar with the comprehensive design effort of the traditional core studio. Through an extended and in depth investigation of a composite material system that embodies a range of performance types, material expressions, and technical interface, the techcore studio will allow for students to work collaboratively to integrate and develop a sophisticated, detailed building envelope assembly. In doing so, students will develop a deep appreciation of architectural design as a material practice.

The objective of the studio is to unpack and reorganize the highly condensed and information-laden matter that produces a building’s exterior "wall" envelope. The layers that constitute an external wall assembly typically serve as a discreet set of specialized components that support a minimal response to a basic set of physical forces and aesthetic intentions. Even in cases where the wall is engaged more forcefully, the majority of effort and effect is often focused on the outside surfaces while the "support" material remains mute. A primary intention of this studio is to synthesize these layers such that an equal emphasis is placed on the integration and exploitation of those layers that are traditionally suppressed. These layers and the forces that shape them will be studied in order to intimately understand how they perform. Careful attention will be placed on the roles of material and technology in the organizing and assembling of such layers. Students will apply this knowledge in the studio to transform the matter, forces and geometry of wall sections into novel organizations. These wall assemblies will be tested through the construction of half scale prototypes that organize the material, geometric, technical and structural ingredients that combine to form a building envelope with synthesized, demonstrable effects.