The studio explores the social and architectural space of a port city with the aim of reinventing it for the 21st century. Port cities have historically belonged to a network of other port cities, making them the exciting gateways for new ideas and influences. Cities, together with architects and planners, have developed innovative new strategies for building on the waters edge, but with a few exceptions, failed to reimagine and reinvigorate the harbor for the 21st century. The studio focused its research through the design of the Helsinki Southern Port. The site comprises of the historical center of the city, the seaside farmers market, food hall, cruise ship terminals, leisure port, island restaurants and the site of the future Guggenheim Helsinki. The studio worked to develop innovative urban scale design strategies accompanied by digital design techniques, in order to design a new kind of harbor, both socially and architecturally vibrant and colorful.


Kivi Sotamaa