Spring 2017 Studio Final Review


The student teams are required to research and propose an additive manufacturing system that should largely source local and indigenous materials (on Mars) for the production of the habitats. As an extension of the technology seminars from last two quarters, the teams are developing robotic end arm tools as a proof of concept, and also producing a full-scale prototype mock up that should be minimum the size of 3ft x 3ft. The robotic systems that are being considered with these systems should be optimized in order to reduce the payload for the mission to Mars. These mock-ups and fabrication methods can either use the actual material that the teams would like to propose or replace another material that uses a similar fabrication technique to communicate the ideas.

Ozel SUPRASTUDIO students presented their final project on the assignment with physical mock-ups, fabrication techniques, and building details.

The jury included:

Greg Lynn (Prof., UCLA A.UD)

Marta Nowak (Lecturer, UCLA A.UD),

EUI-SUNG YI (Lecturer, UCLA A.UD),

Axel Kilian (Assistant Professor, Princeton)

as well as studio lead lecturer Guvenc Ozel and lecturers Benjamin Ennemoser and Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci.