Symposium: Machines of Loving Grace


Popularly labeled as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the proliferation of artificial intelligence, robotics, automation and virtual reality is transforming the socioeconomic structure of our society and consequently revolutionizing the way we design and experience spaces. These emerging technological paradigms promise a heightened sense of interaction between humans and their environment. In these new scenarios, the software and hardware ecosystems are exceedingly gaining autonomy. Virtual worlds are no longer limited to be interfaces that merely enhance the physical environment but are becoming spaces in their own right; blurring the distinction between the physical and the digital in our constructed reality. The Symposium: Machines of Loving Grace expanded the contemporary discussion on the evolution of human-machine society into the domain of architectural discourse.
Focusing on these new design ecosystems that shape our contemporary reality, the presenters explored the particular themes of artificial intelligence, interaction design, and virtual/ augmented reality. Some of the main discussion points included:

-AI and intelligent environments
-Interactive spaces and cyberphysical systems
-Virtual worlds and architecture of interfaces
-Robotics, autonomy, and automation

By engaging some of the greatest minds from the fields of art, architecture, philosophy, industrial design, literature and engineering, the symposium theorized and situated a new agenda for the intersection of technology and the environments we occupy and socialize in; both digitally and physically.

The guest speakers were:

-Rebecca Allen - Professor, UCLA Design Media Arts
-Benjamin Bratton - Professor, UCSD, Program Director, Strelka Institute
-Nick Cote - Researcher, Applied Research & Innovation, Autodesk
-Jason Kelly Johnson - Design Principal, Future Cities Lab & Associate Professor, CCA San Francisco
-Nora Khan - Writer, Rhizome, Eyebeam
-Kenrick McDowell - Senior UX Designer, Google Research, Art and Machine Intelligence
-Guvenc Ozel - Lead Faculty, UCLA Suprastudio, Program Advisor of IDEAS
-Casey Reas - Professor, UCLA Design Media Arts
-Jose Sanchez - Assistant Professor, USC School of Architecture, Director of Plethora Project
-Tim Wantland - Senior Interaction Designer, Google Research Machine Intelligence


You can watch the full symposium from UCLA A.UD.'s Facebook Page: UCLA Architecture & Urban Design