Local Roots Farm

Event: Local Roots Farm

On Thursday, February 23, we were given a tour of the Local Roots Farm located inside a warehouse in Vernon, California. Local Roots Farm is an indoor-farming company that continues to discover solutions for the relationship between healthy food, commoditization in the food industry, people, distributors and advanced technology. For more information, visit Local Roots […]

CHC second meeting

Second meeting with CHC

We had our second coordinated meeting with Community Health Council to show the progress of our four projects. Invited guests include UCLA’s Now Institute Suprastudio’s counterpart, USC Marshall School of Business. While the complete projects will be more on the conceptual side, the groups are also realistically designing module units and a hub that can […]

Joe Oubrerie

Urban Seminar: Morphosis Architects with Special Guest, Jose Oubrerie

Thom Mayne and Eui-Sung Yi invited the Suprastudio students to join Morphosis Architects for a conversation with Jose Oubrerie. Jose Oubrerie is the last living protege of Le Corbusier. It was an amazing conversation to listen to Jose’s experiences when he worked with Le Corbusier and Steven Holl.

Japanese vertical farming

Winter 2017 presents: Urban Agriculture and Hydroponic Towers

Can we improve the strategy to locate sites to leverage architecture’s impact on the community? This relationship is defined by the method and purpose of urban research. By understanding the purpose and necessity of data research, urban planning research integrates policy, economics, culture, infrastructure and demographics to establish a comprehensive urban strategy to locate the Food Hubs. […]

Project Infrastructure Island by Yake Wang, Luyan Shen, and Barak Kazenelbogen.

Fall 2016 presents: Performative Landscapes

South Sea Pearl Island aspires for a future model of urbanism and urban organization that will catalyze tourism through cultural and ecological development strategy. In Fall 2016, the studio researched and analyzed several key precedents. Simultaneously, we examined the opportunities that emerged from challenging traditional organizational systems within city planning and building typologies. The resulting opportunities and challenges […]


UCLA A.UD Fall 2016 Exhibition @ IDEAS: Jan 20 – Mar 24 2017

UCLA A.UD IDEAS presents Fall 2016 exhibition featuring student works all the 2016-2017 Suprastudios especially the Now Institute Suprastudio. Learn more about all the amazing projects done during Fall 2016! Opening reception @ IDEAS Campus Address: 3691 Lenawee Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016 Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Happy Birthday Thom!

Happy birthday Thom Mayne!

Everyone at the Now Institute Suprastudio would like to wish Thom a wonderful birthday!

First meeting with CHC

First meeting with Community Health Council!

The Now Institute Suprastudio had their first meeting with Veronica and her team from the Community Health Council of South Los Angeles. CHC presented social information about the community and lack of health food options while Suprastudio teams presented their research on real case studies that use hydroponic farms. The question continues to be, how […]