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The Now Institute SUPRASTUDIO expands beyond architecture and urban research in the academic sphere to respond to complex, real issues and their spatial manifestations. The complexity of urban phenomena is studied through an interdisciplinary, integrative approach and hybridizes interactions across diverse disciplines. The social, cultural, historical, economic, and political layers that generate today’s modern condition are analyzed before a problem is stated. Prescriptive solutions are replaced with reasoning and relevant design. This model of research, problem formation, and design is the blueprint that will drive intelligent, informed solutions for any other independent scenario.

Local Roots Farm

Event: Local Roots Farm

On Thursday, February 23, we were given a tour of the Local Roots Farm located inside a warehouse in Vernon, California. Local Roots Farm is an indoor-farming company that continues to discover solutions for the relationship between healthy food, commoditization in the food industry, people, distributors and advanced technology. For more information, visit Local Roots […]

CHC second meeting

Second meeting with CHC

We had our second coordinated meeting with Community Health Council to show the progress of our four projects. Invited guests include UCLA’s Now Institute Suprastudio’s counterpart, USC Marshall School of Business. While the complete projects will be more on the conceptual side, the groups are also realistically designing module units and a hub that can […]


Cities: Tel Aviv

Next, we fly from Los Angeles, California to Tel Aviv, Israel. Ran Israeli grew up outside of the City of Tel Aviv but studied, lived, and enjoyed the lifestyle within the city. Find out more information about him here. Student: Ran Israeli Instructor: Eui-Sung Yi Class: Arch 289 – Urban Systems Program: UCLA Architecture and Urban […]

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