2017 Winter Quarter Tech Seminar was called Supraband, with the official course title being “Instrumentalization of Space”. Students looked into various ways to create visual + musical instruments to compose, sequence and play spatial performances using contemporary digital technologies including sensory input devices, acoustical and digital instruments, MIDI and projection mapping. These customized digital instruments were used to create instant visual and musical effects that would change the atmosphere of space in a pre-composed or instantly playable way. As musicians practice their instruments over long periods of time to achieve higher level of calibration in music, these digital instruments were intended to give designers more freedom and potential in playing the spatial atmospheres like music.

Students were divided into four teams to form bands, a.k.a Supraband, where each student took a specific position and role to create an ensemble of musical sounds and visuals. Using the digital techniques, students looked into conventional musical instruments as reference and figured out their own customized settings to play the contents. The instruments were designed as an input and output device interchanging serial data in between MIDI and DMX data sourced by sensory input devices and output equipments.

The final project was a 5 minute live performance within each group where students played visuals and music as an Ensemble using their own designed instruments. The instrument was designed as an input device interchanging serial data with MIDI and DMX information to create instantly responsive and intuitively playable controllers.