The city provides a challenging context for interaction design. It involves all scales, from the embedded sensors, to the interactive media facade, to the mobile networks distributed throughout the urban landscape. Urban Interactions can explore the design interactive processes involved, visual stimulations through the designs and interfaces, that plays out in urban space. While conventional architecture focuses primarily on the built environment, digital urban interactions can highlight complex situations of social, urban, global and personal nature in a multi-functional arena. Situations could include combined public and private spaces, multiple stakeholder involvement, civic life, and commercial activities.

The 2017 Winter Design Studio 2nd project explored various possibilities to design an activity, an atmosphere and or visual temporary design, that by its nature and articulation would enhance neglected public spaces. Students were asked to create new urban experiences through Images and Installations, through Projected and Fantastic Illumination, that could enhance the experience for passerby’s, transit passengers and the general urban observers on a chosen site along the Expo Metro Line. The project was considered to be a content driven performance which has no performers but only audience which would manipulate through new media or interactive meditation to enhance spaces of banality.