Mack Suprastudio presents the final project "Small" to reviewers at LOT613. Students have been designing a proposal for a DJ Booth or Performance Stage at LOT613.

2017 Winter Design Studio explored various possibilities to design small supporting elements which by its nature and articulation could enhance performances by either Dj, dance or spoken word actors. The given site was an existing indoor performance space in downtown Los Angeles called LOT 613, which is used for dance performances and musical activities. Students were asked to design interior staging objects which could support the performance and create new audience – performer relationship.

The design object was to be confined to the interior space of the site and was required to integrate light, sound and sensory elements. The limits of the object was size and height, with other peripheral elements to consider, such acoustics, circulation, preparation of performers, etc. The structure was to be built with conventional materials found in the construction and performance realm of Southern California for all structural components, yet decorative elements or applied elements which could have prototypical and new characterization.