The Now Institute Conference – Overview

The day started off at 9am when the first group of students presented their work on UCLA’s Grand Challenge : Sustainable Los Angeles.  Our guests, Alan Berger, MIT CAU, Albert Pope, Rice University, Charles Waldheim, Harvard GSD and Bill Fain, FAIA critiqued the story of the presentation and methods of presenting large amounts of data and at large scale.

The project, Sustainable LA Grand Challenge is a novel and ambitious campus-wide research endeavor to tackle sustainability in the Los Angeles region through innovations in science, technology, policy, and implementation strategies.  The purpose of SLA is to align interdisciplinary groups of scholars around the goal of developing an implementation plan informed by robust research to sustainably transition the LA region to 100-percent renewable energy, 100-percent locally sourced water, and enhanced ecosystem health by 2050.

Sustainable LA What does it really take?  Our goal for the day was to look at what it would take to make this happen.  What are strategies that could play a part, and how much would they effect the goal towards 100%.

After lunch, the second group of students presented a zoomed in analysis of Wilshire Blvd : the case study project informed by the county scale sustainable analysis.  This scale focused on what it would take to increase the population dramatically and what the outcomes in terms of water and energy use would evolve to due to this densification.

The main event was the evening presentation and discussion from our guests.  Albert, Charles and Alan all showed the IDEAS community their current works and thoughts and then participated in a discussion with the panelists.  (Panelists: Thom Mayne, Wes Jones, Roger Sherman, Peter Trummer and Eui-Sung Yi)


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