Fall 2015 Wrap-Up

Closing up the first quarter of research, the team presented their findings across a wide display showcasing the multiplicity of applications used to gather this information. Visualizing supply and demand through flowcharts, written statements of facts about the current and future Los Angeles , diagrams representing the vast variety of housing types overlaid with data about water/energy demand and green space, and finally animations made from the GIS model of neighborhoods in Los Angeles next to the live model itself.

Thank you to our Jury! William (Bill) Fain, Wes Jones, Mark Gold, Cassie Rauser, David Herd (Thom Mayne, Eui-Sung Yi)


photo_fall final 2015 (1)_rz photo_fall final 2015 (13)_rz photo_fall final 2015 (20)_rz photo_fall final 2015 (28)_rz

20151207 final flowcharts11 20151207 final flowcharts12 20151207 final flowcharts13 20151207 final flowcharts14 20151207 final flowcharts15

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