Launching "Haiti Now"

Over the past month we have been busy promoting our book “Haiti Now” First, we were hosted by the incredible Knowledge and Freedom Organization (FOKAL) in Port-au-Prince for a great event to showcase “Haiti Now” and the Now Institute’s past and continuing work. Director, Eui-Sung Yi, presented a power point presentation and was joined by Madam Prime Minister Pierre Louis and Frederick Mangones to discuss the book and the many compelling issues and challenges within the nation that “Haiti Now” helps to unravel.

photo 3badmin | The Now Institute
photo 4badmin | The Now Institute



After the launch in Port-au-Prince, the Now Institute was invited by our collaborators, Claudine Michel, Nadege Clitandre and the UC Santa Barbara’s Center for Black Studies to take part Haiti Flag Week celebrations and to present “Haiti Now”. Research Coordinator, Bridget Ackeifi, presented and discussed notes on the research process, investigation, cultural awareness and project development in Haiti.

SBphoto 2admin | The Now Institute



We are so excited to be sharing “Haiti Now” with the world and  grateful to FOKAL and the Center for Black Studies  for hosting this event. We must acknowledge and thank a few more people who have shown enormous support including Lorraine Mangones, Claude Alexander and our brilliant and hard-working family at FOKAL!

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