University of Manitoba welcomes NOW Director Eui-Sung Yi and Researcher Zach Pauls

The University of Manitoba in Winnepeg, Canada invited Now Institute Director, Eui-Sung Yi and Now Institute Research Associate (along with University of Manitoba alumnus) Zach Pauls to each present a lecture for their students.

Eui-Suna Yi (5)

Eui-Sung Yi outlined his work both with Morphosis Architects and The Now Institute showing pictures of projects such as the San Francisco Federal Building, 41 Cooper Square and the Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters as well as the LA Now series, the Float House for the Make It Right Foundation and our current Haiti Life Tree project.

Zach Pauls presented the next day on his path as a young architect from Winnepeg, through educational and teaching opportunities that took him to Texas, Copenhagan, UCLA and now as an architect at Morphosis Architect and as the Project team leader for the Haiti Life Tree.


Eui-Suna Yi (1)


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