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Mid-February, The Now Institute along with two specialists from Kolon Inc. traveled to Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien to further develop our Kolon Life Tree collaborative project.

The trip allowed for face-to-face meetings with our long time collaborators, Frederick Mangones,  Claude Alexandre andAndrew Alexandre of the Haiti Development Group, dear friend, Bishop Ogé Beauvoir, Jennifer Noisette at the U.S. Embassy, DINEPA, CEEMSA Water Company, ENERSA Haiti, S.O.I.L., HAYTREC, CEMBUCHA Music School, and of course, the Mayor of Cap-Haïtien and his Department of Planning.

The trip also allowed us to tour some cultural sites including the Atis Rizistans in Port-au-Prince, view a photography exhibit by Daniel Morel, the soon-to-open Gheskio Cholera Center by our friends in Boston, MASS Design Group, a informative tour of the Citadelle and Palais Sans Soucis by its reconstructing architect, Frederick Mangones and a tour of potential sites for our project in Cap-Haïtien.

It was a phenomenal and productive trip! For a closer look at the trip and our work follow us on Instragram at: The Now Institute

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