Fall Quarter Final Review

The Now Institute invites you to our Fall Quarter Final Review!

The review will be an opportunity for our students to share their work and to learn from  comments and critiques to advance the research. Due to varying studios this year we are dividing the reviews into three sessions.



10am – 12pm : , LA FIVE (Urban Analysis of LA’s Promise Zone and Little Tokyo areas)

LA5 will be presenting urban analysis of two areas within Los Angeles: the LA Promise Zone designated by President Obama, and the Little Tokyo area downtown which is currently at an exciting crossroad of potential development.

 12pm – 1pm : Cap-Haitien NOW

The Haiti Studio will be presenting the quarter’s work urban analysis and cultural research focusing on infrastructure, health and education that will contribute to the design and development of an infrastructural pod unit for the city’s under-served neighborhoods.

2pm – 5pm : Grand Challenges

As you may know, the Grand Challenge connects UCLA faculty, students and supporters from all disciplines, working together to strategize how the city of Los Angeles can become 100% renewable energy, 100% locally sourced water by 2050.


We look forward to continuing the conversation around this year’s studio projects!




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