Director Eui-Sung Yi moderates panel discussion at LA City Hall- Sat. May 31

Saturday, May 31, 2014

2:45pm – 3:45pm

City Hall


Director Eui-Sung Yi will moderate a panel for TechLA’s The Connected City this Saturday at City Hall.


The Connected City:

A city is a physical, cultural, communal, social, mobile, and digital experience. Los Angeles is a city its residents and visitors connect with through culture, by walking, by traveling on vehicles and bikes, with media, and over the Internet. In short, LA is wonderful, complex, and interconnected. This panel will explore how technology is changing how we relate to our city and its many aspects. How is architecture accommodating personal mobility with smartphones? What happens when the buildings, people, vehicles, and things are connected wirelessly in the “Internet of Things?” How will urban planning incorporate online communities? How can the city use technology to bring better livability, sustainability, and resiliency? What will a “city” be in the future where every person is connected the cloud, connected to each other over social networks, and connected electronically to the physical city itself?

About Suprastudio

“Industry often uses the language of architecture to speculate on the future of their fields. SUPRASTUDIO works with these partners in collaborative research, and opens up the future possibilities for architecture, from the outside in.”

Hitoshi Abe
Chair, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

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