2013/2014 Graham Foundation Grant for Haiti Now

The Now Institute has been awarded funding by the Graham Foundation for the original publication “Haiti Now” as part of their 2013 funding cycle.

The project was initiated in Fall 2012 as an intensive, cross-disciplinary research and design program dedicated to contemporary urban issues and design potentials in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. The two-year project encompasses a comprehensive critical analysis of Haitian modern history and politics, a data-driven research investigation of planning, infrastructural, and social issues, and a set of collaborative design proposals developed in concert with Haitian governing and community partners to target reconstruction through the lenses of resilience and culture.

The volume examines Haiti’s modern-day difficulties in light of the nation’s history and follows its trajectory through tumultuous politics, recurring natural disaster, and endemic poverty to its current post-earthquake condition. Urban planning proposals encompassing infrastructural systems, community design, social networks, and sustainable off-grid strategies are examined and developed to respond to cultural and socioeconomic needs and disaster-resilience requirements for the future.

About Suprastudio

“Industry often uses the language of architecture to speculate on the future of their fields. SUPRASTUDIO works with these partners in collaborative research, and opens up the future possibilities for architecture, from the outside in.”

Hitoshi Abe
Chair, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

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