Born and raised in Iran, Pegah holds a B.Arch from Baha’I Institute for Higher Education in 2010. In her final thesis during her undergrad; she had designed a haven for well-being in hope of bringing equality of men and women to her society. She had worked for a leading architecture firm in Iran, New Wave architecture. She moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and worked as a junior designer for Appleton and Associates and Paul Brant Williger architect. After moving to the states, her passion in pursuing architectural knowledge led her to attend Columbia GSAPP summer program,AA visiting school and Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design. Her interest in architecture varies from traditional Persian architecture to digital fabrication and the influence of robots and machines in architecture. The latter led her to join Greg Lynn SUPRASTUDIO to fuel her interests about machine vision and its influence in architecture of the modern days.


Ruolin was born and raised in Qingdao, Shandong, China. Finishing her five-year undergraduate study on Architecture at Wuhan University in the year of 2015, she now joins Suprastudio with Greg and Julia on the topic of Machine Vision. Interesting extrapolations and speculative scenarios have been made encircling within one integrated idea upon a new perspective towards looking at objects. She finds herself very much enjoying this process as well as the beautiful weather in California.


Puerto Rican designer, Jorel E. Sánchez Soto, holds a Masters degree in Architecture (MArch) and a Bachelors in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). Additional of the teachings from the School at UPR, he has taken courses in Berlin, Germany and at the ELISAVA in Barcelona, Spain. While coursing his masters, Jorel, labored as a Research Assistant (2013-2015) in the Center for Design Research (CiDi) at the school of architecture, UPR. During his assistantship he was involved in several research projects, including the development of both hardware and software, as the design and construction of a multitouch surface, and the development of the application TraceSpace, intended to create a virtual environment that reproduces the feeling and capabilities of a regular desktop crit as the ones in the architectural Design Studios. During his professional and academic growth he has versed into the development of architecture using advanced technologies and materials as well as the relationships between the inhabitants and the built environment. The latter interest was fostered into his Master’s Thesis were he developed a sunshade system and prototype capable of reacting to environmental conditions and user comfort and activities alike. Currently pursuing challenging working and research venues, he joins Greg Lynn’s SUPRASTUDIO to further his understanding and enrich his interest in the convergence between machines and humans.


Yuekan Yu was born and grew up in Huzhou, China. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, U.S. and a Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors from Zhejiang University in China. He also took different study programs in Canada, Germany and other countries. During his undergrad, He worked as intern for A.S. architecture­studio in Shanghai and participated in Hunan museum project and Zaozhuang government center project as a core team member. After graduated from IIT, Yuekan started working for an architectural designing and consulting company in Chicago, mainly coordinating architectural projects between China and U.S.. After years of traditional architectural education and practice, now Yuekan joined in Greg Lynn’s SUPRASTUDIO in UCLA to explore a new way in architectural designing with cross­disciplinary cooperation and latest strategies and technologies.


Born in China, Yuchen received a B.Arch degree from Hefei University of Technology in 2015. Considering the history of architecture development, he is interested in blurring boundaries among architecture and other disciplines like biology, anime and even TCM. After working for Atelier cnS as an intern, he gradually realized that successful designs require not only multidisciplinary tactics but also smart approaches to implement them. So now he is attending M.Arch II program led by Greg Lynn in UCLA to explore potential solutions both in traditional construction and digital fabrication.


Lyo was born and raised in Canton, China and moved to Los Angeles with his family when he was 16.  As a kid he dreamed of becoming either an artist or a superbike racer. Although he still draws and rides, he hit the road of no return in architecture. Upon receiving his bachelor degree in architectural studies from UCLA in 2009, Lyo worked as a junior designer at a Beijing-based firm MAD Architects and as a project designer and coordinator at Sanya Phoenix Island RE Dvpt. Co.. In 2013, Lyo returned to UCLA’s MArch I program with a fellowship and an interest in cross-discipline collaboration. After a one-year interdisciplinary research and design program on Tokyo with Urban Humanities Initiative, he joined UCLA’s cityLab to design and built the Backyard Bi(h)OME prototype, which deals with material research and the issue of domestic space in LA. Lyo joined SUPRASTUDIO – Greg Lynn for various reasons, but largely due to his skepticism of the idea that technological advancement is always a good thing. After an inspiring quarter of working closely with the talented and supportive faculty and students at IDEAS, Lyo realizes that it is not about what good technology can bring you, but what you can make of it.


Her architectural journey Anna Kudashkina started in her hometown – Omsk, Russia. Received her first degree-Master of Science in Architectural Engineering from Siberian Automobile and Highway Academy (SibADI) in 2010, Anna started working as an intern at Niemeyer Architecten, Germany; a year internship at Bill Fisher Architecture, USA;  1 year working as an architect for Albert Karimov Architecture, Russia. After touching the architectural reality of the small firms in different countries Anna decided to continue her architectural education in USA. She started her Master of Architecture at Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Due to participation at Monica Tiulescu`s studio and “Post-industrial landscapes” workshop – AA-school of architecture visiting school on summer 2014 Anna`s interests were brought into the new approaches into architectural design. Visiting the ACADIA conference on October 2014 was another anchor point of her architectural directions. Now being a student at Greg Lynn studio at SUPRASTUDIO 2015-2016 Anna is seeking to bring the cross-disciplinary, data driven, computation, experimentation approaches for the design and digital fabrication into nowadays architectural reality.


Born in Xi’an, China, Chunxiao Wang holds a B.Arch and M.Arch degree from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. She previously worked as an intern in AUBE Company and Liu Kecheng Studio in which she took part in many designs and projects in different countries, such as China Village design of Malaysia Global Village (Malaysia) and China Cultural Center in Belgrade (Republic of Serbia). She tried to use new design methods to tell historical stories with relics which help people recall their memories about the proud emotion of the city and life. Currently, she is studying in SUPRASTUDIO March.II program led by Greg Lynn Studio at UCLA. She is interested in exploring advanced techniques used in architecture design with variable space and animated form with digital fabrication tools.


Ting Xu, who has great interest in art and architecture, was born in Ningbo, China and got the bachelor degree of architecture in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. He was once exchanged to Chinese University of Hong Kong for half year and had the graduation design in Europe with Spanish students of CEU. Before coming to UCLA, he had some internship, including that in UAD He is interested in advanced and sustainable architecture and now he is in Lynn Studio of UCLA March II program, which is fascinating and advanced. Also, he has great interest in kinetic system and MAYA.


Graduated from a Bachelor of Architecture in Mexico on 2010. Marcelo has five years of experience working as an architect and developer. One of his greatest passions is traveling. By visiting all continents and over forty two countries he has gained a global perception in culture, architecture and design. He attended high school at Vancouver, Canada. As an undergraduate, in 2007, he studied at University of Technology Sydney, rethinking Sydney Town Hall for a Design Workshop. His preparation also includes working for EMBT Benedetta Tagliabue in 2009 at Barcelona, collaborating in the Spanish Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.


Luis was born and raise in Michoacán , Mexico. He holds a Bachelors of Architecture and a minor in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley. He has worked in small and large architecture firms and public agencies. He has internationally work in Bruce Mau Design in Toronto, Canada and KES Shelter Corporation in Yamagata, Japan. His interests in architecture ranges from sustainability and hyper urbanism to robotics and movable architecture. The later was the reason to join Greg Lynn SupraStudio at UCLA in 2015-16 and explore the concept of machine vision through the guidance of a visionary in the field. Aside from his academic interest, Luis will be found playing soccer with his ArchiTeam at UCLA and running on the weekends. One day, he will like to run a full marathon.


Uriel Alexander Lopez is a 1st generation American designer of Thai/Mexican descent based in Los Angeles.  Initially a pre-med student, Uriel studied industrial design at the Art Institute of California in Orange County before being admitted to SCI-Arc where he graduated from the undergrad program with distinction and an award for his thesis project developed in SCI-Arc’s Robot Lab: Loop House.

Uriel carries a fabrication oriented attitude in academia which served to fuel his interest in cutting edge construction/logistic technologies.  In his final year, Uriel was able to enter the Robot Lab and pursue research in a variety of personal interests including complex interactive physical systems and integration of digital/physical workflows with the end goal of deploying such technologies in the construction field.

After graduating SCI-Arc Uriel started working for Earl’s CNST, a construction company based in Ventura County.  Recently he as finished a prototype incubation system and enclosure for a large citrus grower to be replicated for use in multiple locations internationally.  In the Robot Lab Uriel has designed, fabricated, and coded numerous end arm tools for use with 6-axis machines including the Spitter 3D printing tool for Peter Testa’s MDesR/ESTm studios as Junior Faculty.

Uriel currently serves as Head Designer at Earl’s CNST, a construction company based in Ventura County and as a freelance UX designer/mobile application consultant.  In UCLA’s SUPRASTUDIO, Uriel continues his research under Greg Lynn exploring machine vision, robotics, and digital/physical collaboration.


Born in china, Yifan received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tianjin University, China. Through his experience of interning at China Architecture Design & Research Group and Perkins Eastman, he accumulated some professional knowledge in healthcare architecture. Yifan joined the Lynn Studio with hope of investigating the relationship between technology and formal operations at different scales, as well as finding another possible way to work with in the field of architecture.

About Suprastudio

“Industry often uses the language of architecture to speculate on the future of their fields. SUPRASTUDIO works with these partners in collaborative research, and opens up the future possibilities for architecture, from the outside in.”

Hitoshi Abe
Chair, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

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