NOW Institute Open House

The NOW Institute welcomed new students for the 2014-2015 year to join them in an Open House and Information session on March 30th and 31st.

Students were able to learn more about the institute and program for the upcoming year, as well as meet faculty including director Eui-Sung Yi and founder Thom Mayne.

On Sunday, Thom Mayne welcomed students from the March 1 and March 2 admitted students to the Morphosis Office where students were able to view models of the firm’s work both proposed and completed.
Monday was a day full of presentations at Perloff Hall. Professors from the Architecture and Urban Design faculty had the opportunity to present snapshots from their programs. Eui-Sung Yi presented images showing the history of the Now Institute and its accomplishments to date.

About Suprastudio

“Industry often uses the language of architecture to speculate on the future of their fields. SUPRASTUDIO works with these partners in collaborative research, and opens up the future possibilities for architecture, from the outside in.”

Hitoshi Abe
Chair, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

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