Dirk Ahlborn, CEO at JumpStarter Inc and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. (HTT), attended our fall quarter midterm review on Monday. During the presentation, each team reported productive results through previous research on capsule, station, urban, and route. A preliminary publication demonstrating our efforts last month was produced.

As feedback, Dirk Ahlborn described his vision for Hyperloop as a new system of transportation, and expressed his opinion on future mobility. “Maybe you take the Hyperloop just because you feel bored.” As he put it, he encouraged thinking on how Hyperloop would change our future life, rather than merely as high speed transportation. On top of that, he expected to hear creative ideas that would turn the Hyperloop concept into a more concrete state, and eventually a reality.

Prof. Craig Hodgetts described the presentation as informative. We will soon be faced with our next tasks that include proposing strategies, evaluation, and program.

Additional Information

Dirk Ahlborn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dirkahlborn

JumpStarter  www.JumpStartFund.com

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