Group 1|Full-Scale Prototyping|Tech Seminar |Winter Quarter

For the purpose of this course, our team had to design and fabricate the interior for a Hyperloop capsule that would accommodate three people in a row, and an aisle that would theoretically lead to the capsule’s restroom.
In addition, we wanted to examine the user experience, considering the fact that our mockup would represent the inner shell of a capsule that could split in two parts, the outer and the inner shell. We theorized that the inner shell could have specialized projection panels in place of typical windows at the sides, which would turn opaque or clear, depending on where the shell is located. More specifically, the projection panels would be clear when the capsule is at the station, and
they would turn opaque while traveling, to allow the projection of various entertainment features for the passengers.
The materials used were masonite for the interior lining, 3/4” plywood sheets for the floor, high density foam core for the chairs, ceiling, and armrests, acrylic sheets for the projection panels and various lighting fixtures. The fabrication methods involved laser cutting and approximately 260 hours of CNC milling.

Published on May 20, 2015
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