SUPRASTUDIO: Frank Gehry 2013-2014

One-Year M.Arch.II Program at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

Tech Seminar Launches

Introducing 123D Circuits – with – 123D Blog

Introducing 123D Circuits - with - 123D Blog. 123D Circuit developed by Autodesk allows users to diagram, simulate and create schematic layouts for their circuits.

Life with Nest Thermostat | Nest

Life with Nest Thermostat | Nest. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns what temperatures you like, turns itself down when you're away and can be controlled from anywhere over Wi-Fi. Simply connect the Nest Learning Thermostat to your home Wi-Fi to control it from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Change the temperature, view ...

Meet hue – Philips hue

Meet hue - Philips hue. Philips hue is your personal wireless lighting. It enables you to create and control light using your smartphone or tablet.

Introducing the IntelĀ® Galileo Development Board

Introducing the IntelĀ® Galileo Development Board. Intel Galileo Development Board is a platform to quickly prototype simple, interactive designs such as LED light displays that respond to social media, or for tracking more complex projects, from automating home appliances to building life-size robots controlled by a smartphone. This platform provides the ...


Emoncms. Emoncms is a powerful open-source web-app for processing, logging and visualizing energy, temperature and other environmental data.

Home – Gadgeteer

Home - Gadgeteer. Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is an open-source toolkit for building small electronic devices using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio/Visual C# Express

Microsoft Research: The Lab of Things

Microsoft Research: The Lab of Things. Lab of Thins (LoT) is a flexible platform for experimental research that uses connected devices in homes and beyond. LoT enables easy, interconnection of devices and implementation of application scenarios, using HomeOS deployment and monitoring of field studies and analysis of data from experiments sharing of data, ...

homeos – Microsoft Research

homeos - Microsoft Research. HomeOS provides a centralized, holistic control of devices in the home. It provides to users intuitive controls to manage their devices. It provides to developers high-level abstractions to orchestrate the device on the home. HomeOS is coupled with a HomeStore through which users can easily add ...

Internet of Everything | Internet of Things | IOT | Qualcomm

Internet of Everything | Internet of Things | IOT | Qualcomm. Qualcomm Internet of Everything is here and rapidly evolving. It is heterogeneous encompassing both vertical and horizontal products and services - wireless and wireline, indoors and outdoors, and it is populated by products that run the gamut from smart ...

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About Suprastudio

“Industry often uses the language of architecture to speculate on the future of their fields. SUPRASTUDIO works with these partners in collaborative research, and opens up the future possibilities for architecture, from the outside in.”

Hitoshi Abe
Chair, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

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