Di Ai

Di was born in  Yizheng, China and received his Bachelor degree of architecture in Southeast University in Nanjing. He joined Wang jiangguo studio from 2011-2013 and received his master degree of architecture.
Di keeps trying new motheods to solve architecture problems. He concens about how architecture inspires new styles of life and how people’s behavior and motion influence the proformance of architecture. Di is also interseted in software, research and development in parametric and generative design.

Hovhannes Balyan

Weichen Dai

Weichen received the  Bachelor of Architecture from Nanjing University of Technology.  He is interested in the relationship between technology and architecture. With the aim of solving social problems such as energy crisis by architectural methods, he is concerned with green technology and sustainable architecture, Weichen is pursuing his future work at Studio Ghery Partner/Ghery Technology, where he could learn more methods for environmental friendly lives.

Meryem Gurel

Meryem was born in Samsun, Turkey and grew up with the eastern culture. She attended Istanbul Aydin University and experienced layered culture and architecture of Istanbul during her undergraduate education. She graduated in 2011 as a valedictorian among the university with high honor. After graduation, she got a scholarship from the Turkish Government to be an expert at Building Information. With this scholarship, after finishing her Master’s and PhD, she will be a lecturer at Amasya University. She hope that studying in Gehry’s studio lets her have integrated consideration from the western and the eastern world which, she believe, will give her a wider perspective and develop her vision and to broaden her horizon about the understanding of architecture.

Robert Koshgarian

Robert, received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles, CA. Robert’s idea of architecture, is that it should perform on an analytic level in coordination with surrounding conditions and all trades in the construction process, yet somehow still express a creative intention. His previous work experience include the design  studios of “Cherryl Alan Design Group (formally) Trai Beverly Hills” as a project coordinator and graphics manager. Assistant environment designer for “TAPOUT” corporate offices in Riverside, CA. The international “Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf” as a Space Plan manager for the corporate offices in Los Angeles, CA. And, architectural designer and assistant project engineering for “Linear City Development’s”, 1115 Sunset project, Urban Radish Market, and Hotel design competition,  in Los Angeles, CA.

Heidi Wing-Yan Li

Heidi was born and raised in Hong Kong. She moved to Los Angeles to seek for better education at the age of fifteen. Prior and after earning NAAB accredited Bachelor of Architecture degree at Woodbury University, she worked in numbers of local firms as an architectural designer. She has been a guest critic to East Los Angeles College varies times.  Her choice to study architecture as her profession stems from the curiosity of human experiences in transition between various architectural spaces and environmental conditions. She believes that the existing site condition, available technologies and sustainable design are the core design elements of today’s architecture and innovative design strategies.

Maryam Mansoori

Anuj Shah

Anuj was born in Mumbai, India and graduated with honors from KRVIA, Mumbai University. The city, a multi-cultural hub, has been a grand stage that has influenced his work. He was selected to represent his college in an international exchange program to Bergen School of Design, Norway in 2009 and Nottingham University, UK in 2011. He has worked with local firms on a number of iconic buildings that have helped shape the city. His interest in this course is to be exposed to newer paradigms of design and technology, but his final goal is to filter and contextualize these learning’s so as to find holistic and contextual solutions.  This course looks at the future unabashedly and would help him gain the exposure he needs to compete on a global scale.

Sining Wang

Sining was born in 1990, Xuzhou, China. He received his bachelor degree of architecture from Nanjing university of technology in 2013. His idea about architecture, is that how modern architectural design could coordinate with culture, environment and  people. Sining worked as an intern at AZL architects and participated in several projects, which published on ArchDaily. Now, Sining is a graduate student in UCLA AUD Frank Gehry’s SupraStudio, which offers him a platform to explore the boundary of architecture.

Yiding Wang

Yiwei Wang

Yiwei received her degree in Architecture from Qingdao Technological University, China. Her initial thoughts on architecture were under the envelope of complex social context in China. This fostered her understanding of design as a social practice built from different views, cutting across many disciplines. In Gehry Studio, she hopes to continue this architectural exploration to a further step to discover new approaches of materializing through an integration of multidiscipline.

Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang is a licensed architect and LEED AP based in Shanghai. She received BA degree from Wuhan University of Technology 10 years ago. She cherishes the experience in working in Deshaus and BAU, Many projects she did in the two studios have been published in national and international magazines. She cares about the consistent philosophy and logic from concept to construction details. She is interested in materials and details.

Zhihan Zhao

Zhihan Zhao received her bachelor of Architecture from Hefei University of Technology in Anhui , China. In the last year of her undergraduate school, she worked in shanghai , contributing to design of commercial and residential buildings. She’s interested in the relationship between the public space and people. Focusing on the reaction of people in different environment, Zhihan took part in several competitions and won honors of them. Here, she keeps working on exploring all kinds of possibilities in the public space of Architecture and learning the advanced technology from Gehry Technologies & Gehry Partners.

Yuhao Zhu

About Suprastudio

“Industry often uses the language of architecture to speculate on the future of their fields. SUPRASTUDIO works with these partners in collaborative research, and opens up the future possibilities for architecture, from the outside in.”

Hitoshi Abe
Chair, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

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