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cityLAB, founded in 2006 as a think tank within UCLA's Department of Architecture and Urban Design, is concerned with contemporary urban issues, urban design, and the architecture of the city. Specifically, cityLAB explores the challenges facing the 21st century metropolis through research and design, expanding the possibilities for our cities to grow more livably, sustainably, and beautifully. cityLAB's investigations comprise rigorous scholarship as well as practical implication, design and theory, and formal exploration of cultural and political consequence. The lab is a UCLA research center, undertaking projects related to its four core initiatives: the postsuburban metropolis, rethinking green, urban sensing, and new infrastructures.

Its significant endeavors include:

• PropX, an investigation to test new strategies for transforming the city through agile planning and constructive collaboration,

• Backyard Homes, which develops innovative and flexible solutions to the regional housing shortage,

• a series of studies about ways high speed rail can enhance urban design around stations, and

• WPA 2.0: Working Public Architecture, an international design ideas competition to reinvent urban infrastructure as hybrid community amenities.

Located in Los Angeles, cityLAB's efforts extend far beyond that region. cityLAB has received wide notoriety for its experimental approach to urbanism. It has been featured in Newsweek and CNN-International, along with numerous professional publications; its founders are invited to teach and lecture internationally; cityLAB was selected to participate as a new form of practice at the Venice Architectural Biennale in 2010.
cityLAB would not have been possible without the generous support of Sarah Jane Lind.