Concurrent Degree Program

M.Arch.I + M.U.R.P.

Concurrent Degree Program in Architecture & Urban Design and Urban Planning

M.Arch.I / M.U.R.P.
4 years
Degree Conferred: Master of Architecture, and Master of Urban and Regional Planning

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The concurrent degree program aims at integrating the knowledge and skills provided in the Architecture and Urban Design Department and the Urban Planning Department. It is intended to serve the growing needs in public and private sectors for architects who are competent in dealing with social, economic, and environmental policy issues, and for urban planners who can integrate architecture and urban design into policy and planning practice. On successfully completing all requirements, students will receive, both the Master of Architecture Degree (M.Arch.I) and the Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

Areas of Concentration
Along with the basic required training in both Architecture and Urban Design and Urban Planning, students will select one of the following areas of concentration for specialization:

  • Housing and Community Development
  • Ecology and Environmental Planning Issues
  • Urban Policy and Design
  • Urban Transportation and Built Form
  • Theory and Methods in Planning and Design

In consultation with faculty advisers from both Urban Planning and Architecture, concurrent degree students will select one of these fields by the end of the first year so as to provide a coherent focus for their elective coursework. Among the many courses offered in the various fields of emphasis, a student must enroll in at least six courses—at least two from Architecture and Urban Design and at least two from Urban Planning.