Thom Mayne / Now Institute SUPRASTUDIO

Thom Mayne, Professor, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design
Eui-Sung Yi, Lecturer, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

The Thom Mayne / Now Institute SUPRASTUDIO expands beyond architecture and urban re- search in the academic sphere to respond to complex, real issues and their spatial manifestations. The complexity of urban phenomena is studied through an interdisciplinary, integrative approach and hybridizes interactions across diverse disciplines. The social, cultural, historical, economic, and political layers that generate today’s modern condition are analyzed before a problem is stated. Prescriptive solutions are replaced with reasoning and relevant design. This model of research, problem formation, and design is the blueprint that will drive intelligent, informed solutions for any other independent scenario.

Previous research for the UCLA Grand Challenge: Sustainable Los Angeles was published. As part of the larger UCLA Grand Challenge: Sustainable LA initiative, Thom Mayne / Now Institute SUPRASTUDIO worked with ESRI to map and analyze the energy, water, and environmental resources of LA County. Wilshire Boulevard: Densification 1% to Preserve 99%. As an extension of the Sustainable LA project, Thom Mayne / Now Institute SUPRASTUDIO continued to develop a densification study of Wilshire Boulevard, intended to preserve the lifestyle of 99% of LA County.

Thom Mayne / Now Institute SUPRASTUDIO developed a series of iterative urban strategies Eco Islands, for a man-made island in the South China Sea. Operating as an ecotourist destination, the project challenged traditional notions of landscape and building typology by investigating the overlap of disparate infrastructural systems.

For Urban Hydroponics: The Farm in the City, Thom Mayne / Now Institute SUPRASTUDIO has partnered with Community Health Councils (CHC), working to develop an urban Food HUB and a series of POD designs that utilize hydroponics to address issues of food equity in Los Angeles. Students investigated the opportunities created by the LA Promise School Zone and other community groups.

STUDENTS: Dunia Abu Shanab, Niloufar Golkarihagh, Ran Israeli, Barak Kazenelbogen, Pegah Koulaeian, Deborah Liu, John Salcido, Luyan Shen, Kevin Sherrod, Jihun Son, Yake Wang, Baocheng Yang.