Studio Talks: Conversations on the City 5


Monday, February 13 | 2pm
Perloff Hall, Room 1243A
Studio Talks: Conversations on the City
Hosted by 414 Studio Winter 2012

Tom Coward, Director, AOC Architecture Ltd, London
"Ideas upon ideas upon ideas"
AOC is a practice of architects, urbanists and interpreters, established in 2005 by Tom Coward, Daisy Froud, Vincent Lacovara and Geoff Shearcroft. “One of the most promising, successful new practices in British architecture” (The Times), our architecture is both robustly pragmatic and beautifully imaginative. We embrace challenging projects and encourage clients to be demanding, generating open, honest, generous proposals in response.
Interested by the ways in which other forces and factors, besides architects, shape places, we are committed to delivering projects that fully engage with and respond to the context - social, environmental and political - in which they are set. We approach projects through rigorous dialogue and research, enjoying and exploring the participation of others at every stage - while building the brief, during construction, and throughout occupation. We believe that a broader conversation creates a richer and more bespoke architectural response.Our organisational structure stimulates this conversation in two ways: the presence of AOC Participation, a distinct in-house unit specialising in consultation techniques and participatory methods; and the active placement of individuals in other organisations - as project managers, advisors and teachers - for the exchange of knowledge and the building of communities of interest. Our work has been internationally published and exhibited in leading museums and galleries in the UK, Europe and USA. We have taught at many leading schools of architecture and were the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Professors at Yale for 2011. We regularly lecture in the UK and Europe and contribute to contemporary architectural culture through television, radio and public debate.