The Ambivalent Object

Course: 403C.2 Research Studio

"There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark." Pink Floyd, 1973 Cosmologies of estrangement have long fascinated architects, at least those who privilege form over other concerns. Most often this desire to distance the objects of our discipline from various subjectivities appears subliminally, a dark impulse best left unspoken. Suppression of this will to conjure forms of autonomy rarely conceals the agenda entirely, however, expressing itself as stigmata that distort the illusion of architecture’s subordinate relation to subjective reception, its false citizenship.

The project of this studio is both old and new: old in its recognition of the powerful pull that strangeness has on architecture, new in the forms of embodiment of that strangeness. An unholy plural marriage of asteroids, Mollino, and houses, this work embraces the natural distance between ourselves and our things. Recognizing the impossibility of a total disconnection between architecture and the subject, objects here are less autonomous than they are autistic, taking comfort in their withdrawal.

Students: Jae Chung, Michael Dziubek, Ryan Hong, Erin Horahan, Danae Ledgerwood, Mitchell Rocheleau, Ivan Rodriguez, and David Vuong