414.2 Major Building Design Studio
Andrew Kovacs, Visiting Assistant Professor
LAX is in the midst of a transformation to become a world-class airport. The periphery of LAX will also change. Currently, LAX is surrounded by services for travelers such as hotels, offices, restaurants and parking garages. We will aim to rethink this peripheral mess through the equation of AUTOMATED PARKING + HOTEL. With the advent of autonomous cars approaching faster and faster, parking will become a much more explicit form of storage. Storage is inherently about efficiently maximizing space and automated parking is the game of packing cars into a 3-dimensional sliding puzzle. The equation of AUTOMATED PARKING + HOTEL will yield a much more efficient packing of cars, and therefore a larger quantity of cars. With an increased amount of available parking spaces the hotel will serve both short and long term users. A surplus of space that would have typically been devoted to storing cars will be dedicated to the invention of activity for the hotel. The hotel has long been a typology where architects are able to imagine and construct a world within a world.
AUTOMATED PARKING + HOTEL is a formal game of additions of part to part relationships. We considered the organization and distribution of hotel program in both time and spatial adjacency in relation to ideas of the typical plan, the atypical plan, the room, and the interior. We embraced the theme of “parking plus” such that parking is conceived as an addi- tional requirement of the architectural core. In other words, parking will be equivalent to elevators, are stairs, mechanical spaces and bathrooms. As such, the typology of AUTOMATED PARKING + HOTEL has an oversized core and we aimed to reconcile this through formal organizations such as a ring, a stack, a slab, a cross, a plinth, an atrium, an ‘L’, or a ‘U’.
s t u d e n t s : Harrison Bains, James Barron, Katie Chuh, Chad Diep, Samantha Hoch, Jamie Kleine, Corina Ocanto, Damilola Olufowoshe, David Saldin, John Whitcomb, Erin Wright, Brian Yarish