UCLA Architecture and Urban Design's end of the year all-school exposition engages students, faculty and the international design community in a discourse on the forefront of contemporary design and innovation. With 10,000 square feet of studio and program installations, 200 projects on view and 90 leading critics and practitioners, RUMBLE redefines the provocative opportunities confronting the next generation of architects.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Review | 9 am - 1 pm
Kivi Sotamaa| Add Opportunity| Technology Seminar | Room 1302

Symposium | 4 pm - 6pm
Failure is an Option, Positions on Research and Experimentation

Room 1102

Boundaries in architecture are defined and redefined every day given the fluctuating contexts of our global environment. These limits or borders mark the differences between the serious and the farcical, the useful and the worthless, the sustainable and the ephemeral, the new for the good and the new for its own sake, the mass appeal and the sub-cultural interests, and the selfserving and the altruistic.

Although these examples fall into a collection of high contrast opposites and therefore are polemically loaded, research and experimentation involves a complex set of terms that not only incorporates paradigmatic hopes, but also operates with the hopes of pushing, extending, borrowing from or adjusting current modes of knowledge production.

This freewheeling panel discussion will set out terms, redefine them in real time, and provide examples of what experiments are and how they come to bear on the discipline of architecture and design.

Moderated by: Neil Denari

Thom Mayne, distinguished professor, UCLA A.UD
Greg Lynn, professor, UCLA A.UD
Jason Payne, assistant professor, UCLA A.UD
Kimberli Meyer, director, MAK Schindler House
Michael Speaks, dean, College of Design, University of Kentucky 
Ciro Najle, design critic, Harvard GSD

Exposition Opening | 6 - 9 pm 
Perloff Hall and Courtyard
through June 15

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Morning Session Reviews | 9 am – 1 pm

Thom Mayne with Eui-Sung Yi | Haiti Now | Research Studio Room B227
Kivi Sotamaa | Arts of Mars | Major Building Design Studio | Room 1302
Mark Mack | Extra & Ordinary | Major Building Design Studio | Room 1243C
Roger Sherman | Divining Providencia | Research Studio | Room 1209B
Georgina Huljich | Voluptuous Mass | Technology III Studio | Room 1224
Andy Lantz | DTLA-Productive | Studio III | Room B320

Afternoon Session Reviews | 2 – 6 pm 
Greg Lynn with Julia Koerner | Masses in Motion | SUPRASTUDIO | Perloff Gallery
Jason Payne | The Ambivalent Object | Research Studio |  Room 1220
Roger Sherman | Divining Providencia | Research Studio | Room 1209B

Divining Providencia conference press release
Kevin Daly | That’s Major! | Major Building Design Studio | Room 1243A
Craig Hodgetts | A Museum of Manga | Major Building Design Studio | Room 1118
Neil Denari, Hadrian Predock, Mohamed Sharif | Tech Core Studio | California Sections | Room B222

RUMBLE  Reception and Student Awards | 6 - 9 pm
Perloff Hall Courtyard

RUMBLE takes place in Perloff Hall on the UCLA campus.
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